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Training to help team members and leaders to be more effective team players and to achieve greater teamwork.

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Starting with these Foundational Team Player Fundamentals Makes a Big Difference for Work, Community, and School Teams.

Provides Proven, Comprehensive, Step-by-Step, Simple, and Fast Solutions for Positive and Long-Term Performance Improvement!

  • Increased Productivity

    More individual and team productivity through the right attitudes!

  • Accelerated Progress

    More individual and team progress through openness to new and different ideas, people, and change!

  • Heightened Awareness

    More individual and team awareness of the behaviours that can both build and damage relationships

  • Complete Ownership

    More individual and team ownership with solutions, results and success!

  • Less Wasted Time

    More time for team leaders with less time wasted on difficult team members and conflict!

  • Happier People

    More satisfied and engaged team players, clients, and stakeholders!

Overview of Your Online Course - Maximize This One Biggest Difference to Teamwork: Being a Team Player.

TEAM PLAYER FUNDAMENTALS ONLINE TRAINING shows you tactical instructions through:

     - Module #1: Choosing Positive Attitudes
     - Module #2: Being Intentionally Open-Minded
     - Module #3: Acting with Respect
     - Module #4: Taking Accountability

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The Four Foundational Team Player Fundamentals to
Improve Performance, Results, and Success.

Module 1: Choosing Positive Attitudes
Learning Objectives:

  • Identify what attitudes are and why they are important.
  • Define the characteristics of a team player.
  • Assess the characteristics of being a team player as primarily attitudes, expertise, or natural talent based.
  • Diagram the three components of how we can choose our attitudes.
  • Name the Six Common Negative Attitudinal Mindsets that pollute teams and cause lost productivity.
  • Account for our own attitudes which we need to improve.

Module 2: Being Open-Minded
Learning Objectives:

  • Identify what is open-mindedness versus closed-mindedness, and why we need an intentional approach to being open-minded.
  • Grasp how the thought process works to drive our behaviours.
  • Calibrate and practice the four essentials to being intentionally open-minded: Objectivity, Probe, Expand, and Notice.
  • Determine actions that we can take based on opportunities to be more open-minded.

Module 3: Acting with Respect
Learning Objectives:

  • Identify what respect means in action - how we treat other people - and why we need more self-awareness of our own behaviours.
  • Summarize the Four Categories of Disrespect and the associated disrespectful behaviours.
  • Recognize the Four Categories of Respect and the related respectful behaviours.
  • Verify respectful behaviours to work through to increase our effectiveness as team players.

Module 4: Taking Accountability
Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the one truest definition of accountability for being a team player, and why it's important.
  • Summarize the two steps to assess if improvement in team player fundamentals is needed, and compare productive and unproductive responses.
  • Discuss 'Dialogue Preparation - The Three Primary Points to Success' and apply the 'Top 10 Elements for Effective Dialogue' as a communication approach for addressing someone who can improve as a team player.
  • Organize priorities to improve accountability on our teams.

Your Online Trainer and Coach

About Your 'Team Player Fundamentals' Facilitator

Randy Kennett, co-founder of Hone Consulting, coaches, consults, facilitates, and trains individuals and diverse organizations to higher performance and results using the exact comprehensive, simple, step-by-step, and proven strategies of these Team Player Fundamentals.


  • Founder of Hone Consulting, where for approaching 10 years now, we help team members and leaders to be more effective team players to achieve greater teamwork.
  • International trainer and coach of individuals and teams from all industries and positions, from entry level to Executive Directors, Government Ministers, and CEOs.
  • Leader, Consultant, and Facilitator of teams from organizations of all sizes from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, including Fortune 500.
  • Post-Secondary School of Business Instructor.
  • Authorized and Certified Partner of Everything DiSC®, The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team™, and Making Conflict Productive using the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument.
  • Author of "Four Essentials on How to Audit and Open Your Mind".
  • Featured thought leader in HR Gazette and
  • Volunteer Facilitator and Coach for Youth and Community Leadership.
  • Degree, Certificate, and Credentials in Adult Education and Business.
  • Nearly 20 Years of experience with Researching, Designing, Piloting, and Evaluating Training for Teams.

Highly recommend….Randy was excellent….one of the best facilitators individuals had experienced.

Caroline B., CEO, FSG

...excellent facilitator...thought provoking...helped increase our organization’s knowledge.…

Ellice S., HR Director, Legislative Assembly

Excellent facilitator: knowledgeable, calm, dynamic…engaging and thought provoking....

Cory F., Quality Service Analyst, CLBC

…Excellent facilitator…Positive and solution oriented.

Beth S., Performance Auditor, OAG

Randy is a fantastic facilitator.

Tara M., Telecommunications/Inventory Coordinator, Ministry of Education

Randy was an excellent facilitator - I would highly recommend....

Kendra, Proposal Writer, Toker + Associates

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